salam ukhuwah dihulur mendahului diriku...
ahlan wasahlan ya sahabat....
pelabuhan sauh tintaku di laman ini membawa seribu satu makna yang mendalam bagi hidup ku..
memberi sejuta satu erti dalam perjalananku menujuNya..
pencarian sebutir permata hitam di dasar laut keimanan akan ku teruskan,... walau ape pon yang akan aku tempuhi... akanku gigihkan jua demi cintaMu..... insyallah..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

XseMen Syndrome

assalamualaikum.. hai..kalian.
just want to update on my current condition.
i got three assignments to be submitted within this two week.
thank God (Alhmdulillah) as i've finished one of them which is Classroom investigation (CRi) - the research report.
so, now, i have two more to go which are the ESsay on the FILM analysiS and ICT,
and for your info, just now, i went to cOmputer lab for the purpose of doing that assignment. (i can't use my lappi because the software used is not compatible)
ya Allah.. it's surprising. i was totally BLANK on what to do!!! 
 i Was BLAnk! i didn't know how to start with and also, i didn't have the sKILls to used the software. but, i was lucky to have the tutorial on the website! the tutorial did help me especially on giving me the clue how to use the software. frankly speaking, i'm streSS!!!
it is stressful when you just don't know what to do and the due date is just approaching.
i'm never being in such situation. i'm never feel stress like this.. seriously.. it's a hard task to be done for me as i do not really like to get myself into gadget things. oh My... ayein2..
however, i know i can Do it.. yeah, you can aYEin! go, go, go...
ya Allah helps me..,
and guys, do pray for me and my friends as well.
here, i have a Dua' to share with..
Bismillahir RahmaniRrahim...
ya Allah, tidak ada kemudahan kecuali sesuatu yang Engkau permudahkan, Engkau menjadikn kedukaan itu mudah sekiranya Engkau kehendaki. Amin.

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  1. ayein...
    count 1 to 3..


    i'm here...!!!;P

    yeah.. i always believe you can do it..... :)

    actually, stress is a part of parcel as university student like us.. ermm.. no matter how, we always need to struggle to fight those thingy..."He" knows. "He" is always with us... "He" will help us!


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