salam ukhuwah dihulur mendahului diriku...
ahlan wasahlan ya sahabat....
pelabuhan sauh tintaku di laman ini membawa seribu satu makna yang mendalam bagi hidup ku..
memberi sejuta satu erti dalam perjalananku menujuNya..
pencarian sebutir permata hitam di dasar laut keimanan akan ku teruskan,... walau ape pon yang akan aku tempuhi... akanku gigihkan jua demi cintaMu..... insyallah..

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thank YOu ALLAH..

Praise be upon you my LORD..
Alhamdulillah.. alhamdulillah.. Alhmdulillah..
First and foremost, i would like to record my GREATEST THAnkS (sYUKUR)  to YOU, My LORD. SyukuR, Allhamdulillah.
two weeks ago was my suffering weeks and i did really need to force myself to face that things. it was suffering as:
  • i had 3 assignments to be done
  • 6 and half hours class a day
  • a lot of reading
  • 'misunderstanding' things
  • sakit - 'sesungut kepala semut'
  • problem with internet connection
  • intra-conflicts/fears.
and today which is Friday, is a special day for me. This is because i have something new from those past 2 weeks. These things make me smiling and feel like i'm 'flying' right now. yeeeehhaaaaa~~ ngeee~~ =)
wanna know what they are?? here i tell you....
  • the 'misunderstanding' things getting clear and come to the end.
  • i have successfully submitted my third assignment today. (DONe!! - hehehe)
  • i Got my ALlowance -- GBP 3000! yeay!
  • starting from next week, the class is going to be quite relax than before (no more ICT and FILM clAsses)
  • no more 'sesungut kepala semut..' ngeh3... hehehe (next month plak yer.. keh3..)
Now i'm smiling again.. i'm smiling with my sweetest smile. no more confused, no more hectic days, no more conflicts. Just Smiles are all around... hhoooyeaaaaah,,, 
be remember: every probs do have their own solutions. patient, redho, tawakal and Doa are the key success of going through the difficult time in your life.
Allah KNows BEST, HE knows you are the one who can face it and  not someone else, hence , that is why you're the lucky one! TESt/obstacle/problem is a way of upgrading our Iman....
P/s: don't forget to say Alhamdullilah in our days.. 
p/s/s: pAkcik, tq sebab rajin jugak layan ayein punyer permintaan yang 'making jokes' tu.. [that video making me smile..walaupon tk kene tema..hehhe] ---------.> macamlah yang berkenaan tu akan bace entri ni.. hurm takpe2, janji dapat luah kan? hehehe.. bace k tak tu tak penting, yang penting i have expressed all that stuff here.... see you soon in the next entry ya? bye!! salam kalian....


  1. is it the video that.."do you wanna marry me?" "how much money do you have?"
    *chef ummi*

  2. a'ah.. hehhe.. chumilkan??? kalo ader org ajak i kawin cm tu.. waa.. ketaq seluruh badan.. pengsan mungkin! hahahawhhwehe


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