salam ukhuwah dihulur mendahului diriku...
ahlan wasahlan ya sahabat....
pelabuhan sauh tintaku di laman ini membawa seribu satu makna yang mendalam bagi hidup ku..
memberi sejuta satu erti dalam perjalananku menujuNya..
pencarian sebutir permata hitam di dasar laut keimanan akan ku teruskan,... walau ape pon yang akan aku tempuhi... akanku gigihkan jua demi cintaMu..... insyallah..

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

of the days..

hai kalian.. how are you doing?? great right? amin~~ for those who are sitting for exam/ going to sit the exam, i wish you all a very GOOd LuCk..  hoping the Best from you! i.A..
today is my second day in performing the fast. at first, i was afraid that i couldn't make it...  it is quite tough to fast during this season compared to winter as the time to break  the fast is longer than usual. [18 hours fasting per day sounds scary right??? ]
you will never know yourself (how well your progressions are) until you try to break the limitation of yours.
never ever dare to say  no, before you try!
so, i take the challenge. i want to PUAsA suNAt!  as the preparation for this coming Rejab, i train myself to fast. Alhamdullilah.. Praise be upon YOu, my LORD. i manage to stay 'great' till the end of the day..  18 hours fasting seems nothing on me.. [Alhamdulillah] i don't even feel HUnGRY or weAk. it is just nice and i am energetic all days. LOOK! you can do it ayein... 
jum kawan2 kite puase sunat kHAmis lak.. jum2..
today jugak, ayein KHATAM quran wat kali Pertama kat UK ni.. Alhamdullillah... so, lepas ni,.. ayein nak guna Quran baru lak, warna pink.. Quran yang someOne bg kat ayein hujung thun lepas.. [who is that someone??] oh, 'that someone' is my NEW cousin, i just get to know him well when i come here. 
ALLAH has the BEST plan for me rite??.
instead of being an ENgineeR, i become a teacher and study in the UK. here, i get the chance to explore and understand more about IslaM and at the same time, i get a new family member. my relationship with my 'ABAh' is also getting better and even i don't have that feeling of 'GERAM" anymore. *trying hard to be matured!* ngeee~~
tadi, i got meeting.. so, as the way to break the fast, i went to toilet and drank the SKY JUICE there. heheh.. tak sempat nak balik sebab meeting tak abis lagi.. ho0oh0o0.. tapi sky juice pon lazat jugak, time2 darurat camni.. hehe
ayah.. harini.. kaklong wat LEMPENG.. fevret ayah.
tibe2 rase nak makan lempeng tuk berbuka.. teringat kat umah.. ayah sokmo suruh kaklong buat lempeng gn air kopi/ teh panas sesambil tgok tv malam2.. makan ramai2 gn famili.. tapi selalunyer kaklong tak sempat nak makan, lempeng tu dah licin.. wa.. heheh rakus kan??? alahai makan lempeng cm makan KFC lak.. heheh hahha.. tak pon, paling2 kurang mak simpan la kat kaklong sekeping..hehee.. mok ayoh, ayie, yaya and semua2..kaklong rindu korang!! 
rindu nak masak tuk korang2.. rindu nak potong rambut mak, rindu nak picit belakang ayah.. rindu nak gaduh2 gn yaya., rindu nak peluk adik AyIE.. nak dgr die panggil ibu, nak tgok die makan, nak gi jalan2 gn die.. rindu nak ajar die ngaji.. rindu nak marah abe long.. rindu segala2nya pasal korang! 
seriously, i miss You all.. i can't wait to be home, to be with you!
ape pon, kaklong doakan moga2 kamu semua sentiasa dalam rahmatNYA.. amin..
i miss you So much!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

my experience in Italy

enjoy the videos~~ ngee~~ XoxO. love you all.. muah3!! hehe..

Friday, May 27, 2011

motivation ~.~

what is motivatIon? and what motivates you to be motivated??
hah, sounds educated rite? hehe...
ok.. let me give you the definition that my friends and i have come up during Roishin's class for the 'LEarning and the Learner subject.. from our discussion, we manage to produce this definition -----> here it goes..
Motivation is a booster/catalyst that keeps our spirits alive in achieving our goals and also acts as the food for our souls. 
as your information:  there are two types of motivation, in which they are EXTRINSIC (external factor) and INTRINSIC (internal factor /intra-self)
individuals who have intrinsic motivation in them are most probably know what their goals/ aims are. They can manage themselves well without being pushed or 'patrolled' by someone. they are aware of their own objectives of life! in the context of being a teacher, i also do want my students to have intrinsic motivation. This is, for sure, they are willing to sacrifice their other things just for study.. i don't need to force them to do their works as they, themselves are the ones who love to study/ love to be students.
the next is, what motivates you to be motivated????
for me myself.... i am proud to announce that 'MY BELOVED PARENTS' motivate me the MOST! every single things about them - smiles, happiness,giggles, manage to boost up my spirit to keep alive and even be better day by day.. apart from them, my dreams also do the same. both my parents and the dreams act as the boosters in my life! and of course the priority goes to my parents first, then, only i could dare to think about myself. what dreams are they? hurm.. 
 i wanna have my own REsTAuranT/ small shop.. i wanna have a house and a piece of land under my name. they're all my dreams.. my goals in 5 years time are ----> to be an English teacher and also the owner of a Restaurant... marriage???  hurm.. none of my business~~ huhuhu... 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

me and my dilemma

hi kalian..
i'm some kind of having 'uncertain' condition rite now. moving out or not? should i just stay in this student village or should i be off campus?  the fee for renting the house will be going up to GBP 410 per month in this coming september! oh My.. that's so0o0o0 EXPENSIVE! can you imagine, i spend 3/4 of my allowance just for renting a room per month! dahsyat GIlerrrzzss! total allowance per month is GBP 650. if the accommodation fee is GBP 410, so the balance will be GBP 240. if i were to choose to stay outside, the fee probably cheaper than here which is less than GBP 350 and in fact there's room that cost only GBP 300 inclusive bills and wireless. but then, how about the security thing? the welfare thing? is it safe for me as muslim girl to stay outside there?
ya Allah helps me.
i know, they both have positive and negative stuffs. there're pros and cons here and there..
 i don't know which way to go and take. ya Allah.. please help me~~

Sunday, May 22, 2011

of song and me

how are you? fine right? insya Allah..amin..
ermm... i'm sooooo0o0 into this song currently..
this song manages to 'touch' my deepest heart.. 
don't know why.. what i can say is 'I Love This Song'.
so, here is the Lyrics..
Bersaksi cinta di atas cinta
Dalam alunan tasbihku ini
Menerka hati yang tersembunyi
Berteman di malam sunyi penuh doa
sebut nama-Mu terukir merdu
Tertulis dalam sajadah cinta
Tetapkan pilihan sebagai teman
Kekal abadi hingga akhir zaman
Istikharah cinta memanggilku
Memohon petunjuk-Mu
Satu nama teman setia
Naluriku berkata
Di penantian luahan rasa
Teguh satu pilihan
Memenuh separuh nafasku
Dalam mahabbah rindu
Di istikharah cinta
Tajuk Nasyid : Istikharah Cinta
Artis : Sigma
Album : Istikharah Cinta

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thank YOu ALLAH..

Praise be upon you my LORD..
Alhamdulillah.. alhamdulillah.. Alhmdulillah..
First and foremost, i would like to record my GREATEST THAnkS (sYUKUR)  to YOU, My LORD. SyukuR, Allhamdulillah.
two weeks ago was my suffering weeks and i did really need to force myself to face that things. it was suffering as:
  • i had 3 assignments to be done
  • 6 and half hours class a day
  • a lot of reading
  • 'misunderstanding' things
  • sakit - 'sesungut kepala semut'
  • problem with internet connection
  • intra-conflicts/fears.
and today which is Friday, is a special day for me. This is because i have something new from those past 2 weeks. These things make me smiling and feel like i'm 'flying' right now. yeeeehhaaaaa~~ ngeee~~ =)
wanna know what they are?? here i tell you....
  • the 'misunderstanding' things getting clear and come to the end.
  • i have successfully submitted my third assignment today. (DONe!! - hehehe)
  • i Got my ALlowance -- GBP 3000! yeay!
  • starting from next week, the class is going to be quite relax than before (no more ICT and FILM clAsses)
  • no more 'sesungut kepala semut..' ngeh3... hehehe (next month plak yer.. keh3..)
Now i'm smiling again.. i'm smiling with my sweetest smile. no more confused, no more hectic days, no more conflicts. Just Smiles are all around... hhoooyeaaaaah,,, 
be remember: every probs do have their own solutions. patient, redho, tawakal and Doa are the key success of going through the difficult time in your life.
Allah KNows BEST, HE knows you are the one who can face it and  not someone else, hence , that is why you're the lucky one! TESt/obstacle/problem is a way of upgrading our Iman....
P/s: don't forget to say Alhamdullilah in our days.. 
p/s/s: pAkcik, tq sebab rajin jugak layan ayein punyer permintaan yang 'making jokes' tu.. [that video making me smile..walaupon tk kene tema..hehhe] ---------.> macamlah yang berkenaan tu akan bace entri ni.. hurm takpe2, janji dapat luah kan? hehehe.. bace k tak tu tak penting, yang penting i have expressed all that stuff here.... see you soon in the next entry ya? bye!! salam kalian....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

on facing the difficulties

when the problems come to me, i used to ignore them. i just pretend to not knowing them and try to put the smiles on, through all the days. sometimes, i manage to go through all those problems/ obstacles that i have easily. sometimes, it takes time to go through all that stuff when your heart / soul is not ready/ 'strong' enough to face them.
i am a person who likes to keep the probs by my own, and  LOVE to share stories that can bring laugh/ fun or happiness to others. i love to see them smile because of my stories and i hate burdening others with my probs. they may have their own probs/ difficulties and i should not add any more stress into their schemata.
sometimes, i do want to share my probs with someone that i trust and comfortable with. i need to talk to others about my feelings and stuff but then, i just don't know how. oh my LORD, ya ALLAh... helps me clear this things out. drive me to the right path. amin~~

Monday, May 16, 2011

of esemen and blogging~~~

salam kalian.
 i'm doing the analysis for the two films by SIRk and HAynes. i have to really force myself to 'PULUn' this esemen as i need to submit this to the international office by this Friday. so, i'm still in working out of this.
do pray for me please~~~ [hoping for finishing it in 2 days time. - 1500 words essay!]
while doing the analysis.....,
i'll take five minutes rest for facebooking after 2 minutes analysing the films. (see, no wonder i'm still at the introduction part)
while facebooking myself, i manage to get something interesting to share with. As i think it is worth enough for me to share it here with you, i dare to take the risk to stop doing my assignment and  writing this entry.  huhuhu ^^.
 ok, so here it goes....
p/s: practise the good deeds in your days. Please be nice to everyone even though they are strangers and remember, we are strangers to each other before we get to know each other.
as simple as ABC, just be good, be nice and be friend to everyone will create no more strangers.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

of MatuRITY and opInion

what strikes your mind when you first heard of this word? what does it mean? what are the significances of having this in our life? and what is the purpose of, me, to choose this topic?
a bit curious on what it is, rite? and to be honest, i too, don't have any concrete ideas or thoughts to explain it here.  but... [ hurm as always, there must be a 'but' in ayein's days... ngee~~]
i think i wanna share something on this..
ok, let me hit the points off.
in my 'humble dumble plumble' opinion,
i think, M.A.T.U.R.I.T.Y is {you are being considered as matured when you are able to}:
  • control your emotions
  • can differentiate the rights and the wrongs
  • understand yourself well
  • be patient on what's going on in your life
  • able to think rationally (decision made are NOT based on emotions, feeling, anger, or other personal judgement)
  • managed to separate fairly on the PERSONAL and PROFESSioNAl MAtters
  • do not get mad easily.
  • able to listen to the advices/ opinions/  comments given by others without any refusal.
  • able to lower down the level of EGOtism. (should take others/surrounding into account, not just thinking of YOU, yourself.)
  • cool, tolerate and wise in facing the difficulties.
so ayein, pRACTISE THESE in your life in other to make yourself a MATURED person. YOu're gonna be 21 YEARs old soon.. YOU SHoulD train yourself from now on.

P/S: LEt's think wise, live well, walk ahead and smile always.
p/s/s: JUST SMILE UNTIL YOU FIND YOUR TRUE SMILE ---- thanks for these meaningful words! (you know who you are) ------- <3 <3 <3  [0.O]

Friday, May 13, 2011

smiling over the top!

that day..
as usual, the cute little girl would always give a call to her ever dearest person in her life.
here is the conversation...

girl:        assalamualaikum, ayoh.. ayoh gi mane? kaklong tepon lame, baru boleh..
ayoh:     takdop gi mano pon, ayoh duk dapur tadi..
girl:       ayoh sihat ko? ayoh rindu orang dop? [sesambil gelak2 manje]
ayoh:    sihat jah. ayoh ingat jah, tapi nok wat guano, duk jauh. tokleh nok gi tengok, kalo dekat ayoh gi doh tengok.
girl:       [gelak manje, ngeee~~] ore pon ingat k ayoh, lamo doh TOK keno maroh k ayoh.. (hehehe)  ayoh, mok  ade?
ayoh:     ado duk dapur, make nasik. nok kecek ko? tunggu la meta ayoh wak gi telepon ke mok.
mok:      sapo telepon?
ayoh:     sapo lagi.. anok bongsula.

[once she heard the words or the title given by her father, she felt something in her heart. dup dap dup dap! happy! seriously, that girl was soo0o0o0 excited,  she was very happy. she kept smiling all the day just because of that word!]
look! how powerful the simple words are! simple, yet so0o0o0 meaningful! she is so grateful to have both of them in her life! they are so wonderful and will ever be the important and dearest persons in her life. what i can say is, the girl LOVE these two persons (mok & ayoh) so much!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

conflict or corNflakes??

heart: ARe you jealous????
mind: nope.. i'm not!
heart: oh come on.. admit it..
mind: hello.. i'm not, okay!
heart: you're lying!
mind: hey you, watch out! i'm not lying! i'm telling the truth.
heart: are you?
mind: yes, totally yes! definitely!
heart: but, why are you being so weird? why are being so sensitive? why are you seem to be uncomfortable or be unpleasant with that thing?? why?
mind: what are nonsense questions! stop it, okay! i want to hear nothing from you!
heart: look! as what i said. never mind, you know yourself well.
mind: know what? nonsense you!
heart: okay, let it over~~
mind: ok then. but, let me say something 1st. i just wanna stress here that I"M NOT jeaLOUS and instead, i don't care! i don't even care what's going on~~~
heart: yeah, i know... * kind of forcing to accept the statements*

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

XseMen Syndrome

assalamualaikum.. hai..kalian.
just want to update on my current condition.
i got three assignments to be submitted within this two week.
thank God (Alhmdulillah) as i've finished one of them which is Classroom investigation (CRi) - the research report.
so, now, i have two more to go which are the ESsay on the FILM analysiS and ICT,
and for your info, just now, i went to cOmputer lab for the purpose of doing that assignment. (i can't use my lappi because the software used is not compatible)
ya Allah.. it's surprising. i was totally BLANK on what to do!!! 
 i Was BLAnk! i didn't know how to start with and also, i didn't have the sKILls to used the software. but, i was lucky to have the tutorial on the website! the tutorial did help me especially on giving me the clue how to use the software. frankly speaking, i'm streSS!!!
it is stressful when you just don't know what to do and the due date is just approaching.
i'm never being in such situation. i'm never feel stress like this.. seriously.. it's a hard task to be done for me as i do not really like to get myself into gadget things. oh My... ayein2..
however, i know i can Do it.. yeah, you can aYEin! go, go, go...
ya Allah helps me..,
and guys, do pray for me and my friends as well.
here, i have a Dua' to share with..
Bismillahir RahmaniRrahim...
ya Allah, tidak ada kemudahan kecuali sesuatu yang Engkau permudahkan, Engkau menjadikn kedukaan itu mudah sekiranya Engkau kehendaki. Amin.

salam terima kasIh..

...TERiMA Kasih diHUlurkaN keRAna Sudi menJEngukkan Diri DiLAman SeSaWAng yang BersaWang INi...
Lots of Love..