salam ukhuwah dihulur mendahului diriku...
ahlan wasahlan ya sahabat....
pelabuhan sauh tintaku di laman ini membawa seribu satu makna yang mendalam bagi hidup ku..
memberi sejuta satu erti dalam perjalananku menujuNya..
pencarian sebutir permata hitam di dasar laut keimanan akan ku teruskan,... walau ape pon yang akan aku tempuhi... akanku gigihkan jua demi cintaMu..... insyallah..

Friday, May 27, 2011

motivation ~.~

what is motivatIon? and what motivates you to be motivated??
hah, sounds educated rite? hehe...
ok.. let me give you the definition that my friends and i have come up during Roishin's class for the 'LEarning and the Learner subject.. from our discussion, we manage to produce this definition -----> here it goes..
Motivation is a booster/catalyst that keeps our spirits alive in achieving our goals and also acts as the food for our souls. 
as your information:  there are two types of motivation, in which they are EXTRINSIC (external factor) and INTRINSIC (internal factor /intra-self)
individuals who have intrinsic motivation in them are most probably know what their goals/ aims are. They can manage themselves well without being pushed or 'patrolled' by someone. they are aware of their own objectives of life! in the context of being a teacher, i also do want my students to have intrinsic motivation. This is, for sure, they are willing to sacrifice their other things just for study.. i don't need to force them to do their works as they, themselves are the ones who love to study/ love to be students.
the next is, what motivates you to be motivated????
for me myself.... i am proud to announce that 'MY BELOVED PARENTS' motivate me the MOST! every single things about them - smiles, happiness,giggles, manage to boost up my spirit to keep alive and even be better day by day.. apart from them, my dreams also do the same. both my parents and the dreams act as the boosters in my life! and of course the priority goes to my parents first, then, only i could dare to think about myself. what dreams are they? hurm.. 
 i wanna have my own REsTAuranT/ small shop.. i wanna have a house and a piece of land under my name. they're all my dreams.. my goals in 5 years time are ----> to be an English teacher and also the owner of a Restaurant... marriage???  hurm.. none of my business~~ huhuhu... 


  1. agaggaga~~
    don't forget me as your chef!
    *chef ummi*

  2. errrr??? chefff?? kreekkk~~~~ hehehe.. kalo kejer chef, you kene package gn jaga anak i skali neh? hehhee :)


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