salam ukhuwah dihulur mendahului diriku...
ahlan wasahlan ya sahabat....
pelabuhan sauh tintaku di laman ini membawa seribu satu makna yang mendalam bagi hidup ku..
memberi sejuta satu erti dalam perjalananku menujuNya..
pencarian sebutir permata hitam di dasar laut keimanan akan ku teruskan,... walau ape pon yang akan aku tempuhi... akanku gigihkan jua demi cintaMu..... insyallah..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

on facing the difficulties

when the problems come to me, i used to ignore them. i just pretend to not knowing them and try to put the smiles on, through all the days. sometimes, i manage to go through all those problems/ obstacles that i have easily. sometimes, it takes time to go through all that stuff when your heart / soul is not ready/ 'strong' enough to face them.
i am a person who likes to keep the probs by my own, and  LOVE to share stories that can bring laugh/ fun or happiness to others. i love to see them smile because of my stories and i hate burdening others with my probs. they may have their own probs/ difficulties and i should not add any more stress into their schemata.
sometimes, i do want to share my probs with someone that i trust and comfortable with. i need to talk to others about my feelings and stuff but then, i just don't know how. oh my LORD, ya ALLAh... helps me clear this things out. drive me to the right path. amin~~


  1. amin..
    sometimes ignoring is the best way to cure our problem ^^
    *chef ummi*

  2. emm.. betul2.. ngeee~~ agnorism syndrome.. ehhehe


salam terima kasIh..

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