salam ukhuwah dihulur mendahului diriku...
ahlan wasahlan ya sahabat....
pelabuhan sauh tintaku di laman ini membawa seribu satu makna yang mendalam bagi hidup ku..
memberi sejuta satu erti dalam perjalananku menujuNya..
pencarian sebutir permata hitam di dasar laut keimanan akan ku teruskan,... walau ape pon yang akan aku tempuhi... akanku gigihkan jua demi cintaMu..... insyallah..

Monday, March 14, 2011

~~~blurring myself with nothing~~~

sometimes: i have nothing to say, but i do wanna say something.. 
sometimes: i have something to say, but i do say nothing... 
often: i lose in the middle of nowhere.
always: complicated me!! <[*o*]>
kekadang... i looo00o0ve that thing so much but then,it turns to the opposite way when it comes to action. i'm rejecting it.. Always!
kekadang jugak... i pretend to be tough even though there's a great sorrow deep inside me..
selalunya.. i'll let my laugh bursts out when the sadness comes to me..
jarang-jarang.. i'll let you to see me crying..
pernah jugak  i do let you to see me crying over something.. crying over the dead cat maybe.. but seriously, you'll never have the chance to see me crying over my own personal life. =)
long Ago.. (time ni mase kat primary school) i'll feel *something* @ soo00o0 touched whenever i listen to a song by Saujana - Keluarga BAhagia.. the day when i first had to sing that song in front of my music teacher, all of a sudden the droplets dropped over my cheeks. So0o funny.. without any reasonable reason, the droplets rained me that day.. huhuhu *tak pasal2 kene jumpe counsellor tp, selalunyer ader je aku bg alasan tuk meloLOskan diri* tapi sekarang dh tkder kesan lgsong dah.. ngeee~~
today: i'm writing this entry without any purpose.. maybe tomOrroW i'll use it for reflecting my own jourNEy.. who knows kan?
now: i'm already a young lady.. neither a child nor a teenager.. yes, i'm a young lady.. Now, i'm preparing myself to be matured in every single aspect of my life!! 

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